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Voicing is sometimes referred to as tone regulation and mostly involves working with the hammers. The voicing procedure is always done after the piano has been finely tuned and regulated. It is included in our Level 3 Regulation.

What Is Voicing?

Piano tone is very subjective and very difficult to describe in words. In general, voicing or tone regulating is the art of creating the best tone that a particular piano can produce. Voicing involves interactively working with the piano's hammers, the action regulation, and the tuning. Room acoustics and the pianist's tastes are also taken into serious consideration during the voicing process.

When Does a Piano Need Voicing?

A piano needs voicing when:
  • The hammers have gone through a long "play-in period."
  • The piano sound has become bright, harsh, not to the pianists liking, et cetera.
  • The shape of the hammers have become flat or deeply grooved.
  • The sound of the piano has become unbalanced from register to register.

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