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Action Regulation

Kapstan offers 3 "Levels" of action regulation. The age and service history of the piano will determine which level of regulation your piano requires. 

What is An Action Regulation?

All pianos, grand and upright, eventually need regulating. The regulation consists of adjusting parts of the action in order to provide consistent levels of:
  • Touch / the amount of key travel.
  • Response / the speed of key repetition.
  • Hammer speed / optimum power and energy when the hammer strikes the piano string.

What Causes A Piano Action To Need A Regulation?
  1. The settling of action parts
  2. The normal wear and tear to the action parts caused from playing the piano
  3. Exposure to humidity swings
  4. The pianist's unique needs and tastes
  5. Quality of the piano

How Often Should A Piano Need To Be Regulated?

The answer to this question depends upon many factors, including how much the piano is used, the age and quality of the action parts, the amount of regular care that the piano receives, as well as your particular needs.

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